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Gungnir Broken - Geld Hood
Gungnir Broken - Geld Hood
Gungnir Broken - Geld Hood
Gungnir Broken - Geld Hood

Gungnir Broken - Geld Hood

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Odin created his own monstrous wolf in the form of Fenrir through his insatiable desire for knowledge of all things and trying to control that which he could not.

Through his own actions he sealed his fate, but his final act redeemed himself. Having seen his own fate, and seen that beyond that the world would be born a new with the return of his shining and loved son Baldr, he let fly Gungnir for the last time.

The spear which never misses its target, landed not in the heart of the wolf, for Odin did not wish to kill Fenrir and spare himself. Instead he let the spear fly over the wolf and over the battlefield to announce his end.

This art showing the broken shaft of Gungnir is about acceptance and letting go of the self in order to become new. For Odin to create the better world shown to him, he had to let go of his own ego, his own desire to know and control all and lay faith only in the way of things and trust in balance to be restored as fated.

After the seeming death of the famed shape shifter, an eagle is seen flying over a new, pure world. To fly in this way, lifted by the winds and carried in peace, we must surrender to the path before us, we must find peace in who we are and be able to watch and observe. Fighting to forge the world to our own will will only ever end in creating our own monstrous wolves. 

Like Odin, we each create our own monstrous wolves. Like Odin though, we each can forgive ourselves, release aspects of the self and surrender to change. We are capable of peace under a new sun each day. 

100% organic cotton, screen printed by hand in England

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