'The Jorvik' Lambswool Sweater - Akarn

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Made from 100% lambswool in the UK, this super soft sweater comes in a loose fit with open hems. 

The Germanic and Norse peoples have been using wool to create garments for thousands of years and it still represents one of the best fabrics found. As always: nature got it right. 

Wool works to regulate your body temperature, keeping you warm when you need it but allowing your body to breath to reduce perspiration. This yarn is surprisingly durable for its softness; meaning that taken care of properly it should last for 10 years. Wool is naturally antibacterial so for best wear, avoid over washing. 


Sizes are UK mens and chest circumferences in inches are given below for guidance. This jumper is loose fitting and works well as an oversized jumper on women too. 

Small: 38-40" Medium: 40-42" Large: 42-44" XL: 44-46" XXL: 48-50"