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Sutton Hoo Helmet

Sutton Hoo Helmet

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Even before the Romans withdrew from Britton, the south west coast of England had become known as 'The Saxon Shore.' Great pagan warriors from what is now Germany began to arrive in England looking for new territories to settle and farm. With them they bought astonishing craftsmanship, art & elaborate ceremonial goods. 

The great kings claimed descendancy from Woden (Odin) and became hugely succesful, pushing back the native romanised celts (now largely Christian) into boarder lands like Cornwall and Wales. These great battles are still remembered today with the story of the celtic christian king Arthur.

Like their counterparts in Scandinavia the saxons held elaborate ship burials for fallen kings & it was such a burial, believed that of King Rældwald, in Sutton Hoo that preserved this amazing battle helmet. Here it is screen printed by hand to remind us we are Descended from Odin. 


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