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Merino Tee - Hel
Merino Tee - Hel

Merino Tee - Hel

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Made from pure merino wool, these Tees are good for ANYTHING. 

You want to catch a flight, go for a 3 day hike, hit the gym and then go meet your mates for a drink with only one t-shirt? Sorted. 

You see merino wool is the only textile that truly wicks away both water vapour and sweat, keeping you completely dry. It also regulates your temperature in hot or cold conditions, can absorb up to 30% of its weight in rain water without feeling wet and is naturally anti bacterial and odour resistant.

Oh and it doesn't crease. 

All sizes are UK, fit is regular & measurements indicate chest circumference in inches. 

S 40-42" M 42-44" L 44-46" XL 46-48" XXL 48-50" XXXL 52-54"