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Slain by Mischief and Foresight (M)
Slain by Mischief and Foresight (M)

Slain by Mischief and Foresight (M)

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100% Organic cotton tee, hand screen printed in the UK 

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S: 36-38 // M: 38-40 // L: 40-42 // XL: 44-46 // 2XL: 46-48 // 3XL: 48-50 


The gods had forged a world out of the primordial chaos and through their acts brought order and balance, yet the unstoppable and indiscernible web of fate was still woven and all beings were to be bound by it..

The sly one and the brightest one have never seen eye to eye. Heimdallr could see all along the path of Loki, and Loki despised Heimdallr's assumptions about him. The weaver of knots had always sided with the gods or the giants flippantly as it suited him to do so, pursuing short sighted needs and a victim of his own nature. Heimdallr on the other hand was diligent, disciplined and dutiful. He had been the voice speaking with certainty alongside Odin of the events to come at Ragnarök and when he met Loki on the battlefield he knew it was his duty to slay the treacherous one.

The horn blower and the shape shifter met with a thunderous forces, both opposite in nature and dealt each other mortal wounds, bleeding out the life force of their counterpart.