Knowledge - The Mead of Poetry-Descended From Odin
Knowledge - The Mead of Poetry-Descended From Odin
Knowledge - The Mead of Poetry-Descended From Odin

The Mead of Poetry T-shirt

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When the war ended between the Æsir and the Vanir all the gods and goddesses sealed the truce by spitting into a huge vat which then contained traces of all the knowledge of the gods. Through the years this vat was lost to the gods, turned into a divine mead that gave man the answers to any questions and the ability to recall and recite all things that came before. The mead came to the hands of a giant named Suttung who intended to keep it for himself. 

Desiring the knowledge and wisdom contained in this mead, Odin through a cunning series of tricks stole the mead from the giant by sipping it all into his belly and transforming into a giant eagle to make his escape! 

The giant Suttung also took the shape of an eagle and was hot on his tail. Close to Asgard, the gods saw Odin coming and put out the vat in preparation..

Odin regurgitated the mead and spat it all cleanly into the vat and to the giant so close behind, out of Odin's rear end he shat! 

Odin is now the keeper of the mead of poetry and to the best skalds and poets he may grant a drink, but the droplets of the bad mead he sent from his behind can surely be found in the pubs on a Friday night.. 


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