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Hugin & Munin - Raven Brother Torc
Hugin & Munin - Raven Brother Torc

Hugin & Munin - Raven Brother Torc

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A completely handmade torc in 925 Silver, crafted by our friend Wodenstone exclusively for Descended from Odin. 

The hand carved heads are Huginn & Muninn, the ravens of Odin: Thought & memory, the keys to gaining insight & understanding. One head bears our Odin mask and the other the makers symbol.

These are made with heart & intention and make a perfect gift. Torcs were an older, celtic tradition that vanished during the migration age but seems to have re-emerged in the viking age. It is likely thought to give some spiritual protection in battle, although it may also be associated with deities from celtic cernunnos to germanic Odin who was also a shape shifter and ring giver. 

Please note: Lead time on these is 14-21 working days to make them.