Handmade Runic Necklace

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Please note that the lead time on these can be up to 14-21 working days depending on weather conditions and stock levels and as they are custom made are NON REFUNDABLE. 

These artisan necklaces are made in sherwood forest using real leather thongs and antler tips. Our craftsman Greg uses a piece of sun glass to harness the power of the sun and burn the runes into the surface of the antler or in winter months carves it in and stains with bees wax. He finishes it off with a piece of Firesteel - a man made composite metal the sparks at over 2900 degree C when struck with a knife! Enough to get a fire started in any conditions. 


Viking Rune guide:

We use the Younger Futhark runes which were those used in the viking age. We don't use all of them as some are not ideal to wear or give as gifts. Please pick the one thats the right meaning for you! Ask if you're unsure, only some are pictured. 

Sól, ’sun’ shield of the clouds and shining rays; destroyer of ice. 

Purs/Thurs 'Giant' 

Týr, ‘Týr’ god with one hand and leavings of the wolf. The prince of temples. 

Reið, ‘riding’ joy of the horsemen and speedy journey. The toil of the steed. 

ás/óss, ‘god’ aged Gautr and prince of Ásgarðr; lord of Vallhalla. 

ár, ‘plenty’ boon to men, good summer and thriving crops. 

Bjarkan, ‘birch’ leafy twig, little tree and fresh young shrub. 

Maðr, ‘man’ delight of man and augmentation of the earth and adorner of ships.

Lögr, ‘water’ eddying stream and broad geysir and land of the fish. 

ýr, ‘yew’ bent bow and brittle iron and giant of the arrow.