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If the question is who could possibly rear and raise as unruly a pack of miscreants as the Jolasveinar then the answer would be Gryla: a giant, hoofed troll of a woman. Rarely does she make herself seen among humans but when she does, she sweeps in with the storm, stashing the unlucky few she comes across in her bag and freezing everything she touches.  Her frosty touch even reaches the modern Icelandic language where the word for 'icicle' is 'grylukerti' or Gryla's candle.
There is no nice, modern, sanitised version of Gryla.  She does not give presents to children.  She eats children.  Good and bad alike..

Original art work by Striga

100% organic cotton, screen printed by hand in England

All sizes UK chest:

XS 36-38" / S 38-40" / M 40-42" / L 42-44" / XL 44-47" / 2XL 47-50" 3XL 50-53"