Dyflin - City of Vikings

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Varying portions of England from (at one point) t'he Thames right to the lands of Pictavia' (Now Scotland) became occupied by Scandinavian peoples for a period extending from shortly after the arrival of the 'Great Heathen Army' of 865 until as late as 954 when the lands came back under English rule, though many settlers remained. Over in Ireland Dublin, or 'Dyflin' as it was named in old norse, was founded earlier in 841 and became a centre point of Viking activity including warfare and trade throughout much of this time, leaving a lasting impression on Irish history.

Jorvik was in close relation to the Viking site of Jorvik - modern day York with trade and often co-rule existing between the two, including the rule of the infamous Ivar the Boneless. 

This tee is part of a new series of designs to celebrate Viking history in the British Isles & Ireland. 

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