Official Ambassadors

Official Ambassadors roles are designed to provide a sponsorship package for those who are already inspiring a large audience to connect with nature, history or sports and want to work with us. For instance: explorers, climbers, surfers, artists, outdoor photographers, musicians, authors, historians, wilderness guides, boxers, inspirational people and generally awesome folk.

You might be one of the above, but please know that this position it is not intended for beginners, but for semi-pros or pros. The role gives the chance of a variety of sponsorships that may be equipment or financial based as well as marketing support and the chance to attend special trips and events. Note - this is not the same as our customer loyalty club 'Street Team'

To apply to be an Official Ambassador or to get more information, please email with subject reference 'Official Ambassador' and include: 

  • Your name
  • Address 
  • Email 
  • Contact mobile number 
  • Social links - Instagram preferred (must be public, not private)
  • Why you think you would be the perfect fit for the team

Take care to tell us about the things that make you, you! You are unique and awesome so hit us with the real you! We will be looking at how you come across online; your actions, the quality of what you do and measuring this against the number of people you can reach and inspire. We want to back the best of you and we put a lot of trust in our ambassadors so we only take on small numbers.

If you have other wise you would like to work with us such as collabs & reviews, or for press enquiries, please email about this separately.  

Please note that due to high volumes of applications and each of these being personally read by our founder & CEO, it sometimes takes a little time! It is not always possible to reply to all emails - but we try. If successful you usually hear back within 30 days. Now go and make an awesome application! If this doesn't sound like its right for you yet: Set targets and come back to us soon! 


By providing your details you also acknowledge and accept that Descended From Odin LTD will store and have access to all personal information supplied through the application process and will use these to contact you when required, including marketing purposes to keep you up to date with our activities. Your details will not be shared with third parties.