Street team & Official Ambassadors

Here at DFO we’ve been growing massively since we started in March 2017. This mostly due to the amazing response from you guys, our customers and the way you share us with your friends and family. 

With that in mind, we've worked super hard on how to best make use of your kind support and give a thank you that’s worthy of your efforts and fits in with what we do. We've developed two tiers of support for you guys:


Street Team: This will give access to special events & discounts as well as create a chance for you to earn free DFO gear by referring us to people you think will love what we do. The Official Street Team is a loyalty club for customers only, please do not apply unless you are an existing customer. This is a fun club where we look after each other and make good friends. We do not give out free clothes and it's not designed so you can have another brand to stick on your instagram bio, so please, brand whores need not apply, this is for our long standing customers only. 


Official Ambassadors. This is designed to provide a sponsorship package for those who are already inspiring a large audience to connect with nature, history or sometimes athletes and need support to find doing what they do. An example of these individuals are: explorers, climbers, surfers, artists, outdoor photographers, musicians, authors, historians, wilderness guides, boxers, inspirational people and so on. This position it is not for beginners, this is only for semi-pros or pros and gives the chance of a variety of sponsorships that may be equipment or financial based. 


To join the Street Team, to apply to be an Official Ambassador or to get more information, please email with subject reference ‘Street Team’ or 'Official Ambassador' and include: 

  • Your name
  • Address 
  • Email 
  • Contact mobile number 
  • Social links - Instagram preferred (must be public, not private)
  • Why you think you would be the perfect fit for the team or role 

Take care to tell us about the things that make you, you! You are unique and awesome so hit us with the real!


Please note that due to high volumes of applications it sometimes takes a little time and is not always possible to reply to all emails - but we will try! If your application is incomplete or you have not read the above info, we will not spend time replying!


By providing your details you also acknowledge and accept that Descended From Odin LTD will store and have access to all personal information supplied through the application process and will use these to contact you when required, including marketing purposes to keep you up to date with our activities. Your details will not be shared with third parties.