Knowledge - An Eye in The Well

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Part 1 in Odin's search for knowledge, illustrated by 'The Raven From The North'


Odin was thirsty for knowledge more so than any other being. Only one drink could help to quench his thirst but the price was to be high. 

The well of Mimir, from where one of the roots of the world's tree drew its life blood was known as a great source of wisdom. Mimir himself was an ancient cosmic being who drank from the well daily and guarded this prize. 

When Odin arrived to request a drink from the well, Mimir already knew of his coming, knew what the price would be and knew that Odin would pay it. The cost of a draught from the well was to be Odin's right eye. 

The All Father, knowing the value of the sight offered from the well to be above mortal vision, plucked out his own eye and cast it into the well. There it shall remain. 

Odin drank deeply from the horn offered by Mimir and deeper his wisdom grew. 

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