4. Thor Awakens Organic T-shirt

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Hearing Heimdallr's horn the strongest of the gods Thor takes hold of his hammer Mjolnir and rides his chariot pulled by the goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr to battle. He will arrive on the field and seek out the great midgard serpent in a final fight that will be the twilight of the thunder god. 


Our Ragnarök Pt.1 series, a limited edition run of 300 per design, from hand painted pieces by Striga Artist exclusively for Descended From Odin. 


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100% Organic Cotton!

Tailored fit T-shirt, chest size in inches:

Small: 38-40" Medium: 40-42" Large: 42-44" X-Large: 44-46" XXL: 46-48" XXXL: 48-50"