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Battle Worn.

Sometimes we are scarred; tired and weathered. Sometimes the weight of every footstep is too much and our backs break from the load.

But it is not the end, even though it may feel like it sometimes.

Everything we have experienced, though the load may be heavy, makes us more and more of use to those around us and to our future selves, though we may not yet have met ourselves.

Knowledge comes from experience and every wound you carry is a lesson you can learn from with the right frame of mind. When you have the right frame of mind, this lesson can help others. When you can't find the right frame of mind, there are others to help you.

It is important to recognise which stage you are in and to ask for help when you need it. Not for reliance on others, but just a hand back to your feet. A place to rest your mind and body, a wholesome meal for the soul.

10% of the profit from this line will go towards mental health charities and organisations here in the UK or operating internationally online.